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Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association is a statewide trade association with more than 900 supermarket and convenience store members, operating nearly 4,000 retail food stores throughout Pennsylvania and parts of the mid-Atlantic. Pennsylvania Coupon Redemption Services, Inc. (PCRS), also a wholly-owned PFMA subsidiary, is the nation's largest coupon clearinghouse operated by a state trade association. More than 800 retailers in Pennsylvania and adjoining states entrust their coupon processing needs to PCRS. The corporate office is located at: 1029 Mumma Road, Wormleysburg, PA 17043. A group of independent retailers met in Erie, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1952 with a plan to start a statewide trade association. They officially accepted a charter from the National Association of Retail Grocers (NARGUS) at that meeting. The new group was named the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association. In 1984, the Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council was developed to meet the growing needs of the convenience store industry. PFMA offers many member services, including legislative representation, conferences, seminars, certification programs, industry publications and member insurance programs. In addition to those services, the Association operates business subsidiaries that help generate revenue for Association services. Merchants Express Money Order Company (MEMO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PFMA. Retailers act as agents of MEMO through the sale of money services products to their customers. MEMO currently offers its products to a variety of retailers in 32 states. Our membership represents all segments of the retail food industry, including locally-owned stores of all sizes, convenience stores and regional and national chains. The mission of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association is to improve the public image, effectiveness and profitability of companies in the retail and wholesale food distribution industry.




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Alcohol Privatization

Liquor privatization: Now's the time
When will the Pennsylvania Legislature get serious about privatizing the commonwealth's archaic Prohibition-era wine and spirits monopoly? Perhaps budget and private-sector pressure finally will force its hand... (More)

Business Coalition Floats Plan to sell Pa. Liquor Stores

Beer, Wine & Liquor Would be Sold in the Same Store Under Proposal to Privatize Pa. Sales

Op-ed: PA Deserves More than a Small Attempt at Alcohol Sales Reform
After more than 80 years the consumers and businesses of our Commonwealth deserve more than a small attempt to correct an archaic system that is in desperate need of reform... (More)

Liquor Reform in Pennsylvania Still Brewing
Free My Beer campaign urges consumers to push for historic change in beer laws... (More)

PFMA Submits Written Testimony to Senate Hearing focusing on Retailing & Alcohol Sales Privatization
PFMA was not invited to testify at the committee hearing, but its members wanted to ensure that key points regarding HB 790 were relayed to the Senate. (More)


PFMA Praises Governor Corbett's Action on SNAP
Governor Corbett has committed to increase federal energy aid from $1 to $20, which will preserve $3 billion in SNAP benefits over the next decade. (More)

Corbett Administration Announces $8 Million
in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentive Grants

The grants will be available March 1 to purchase or convert alternative fuel vehicles. (More)

Philadelphia Supermarkets To Be Recognized
for Healthy Initiatives

Apply now for recognition on your healthy supermarket initiatives. (More)

The 2014 Calendar and Vacation Planner Are Available to Download

XEROX SNAP EBT Retailer Policy & Procedures Manual - Pennsylvania
Xerox has designed the SNAP EBT Retailer Policy and Procedures Manual for Pennsylvania food retailers to provide the information needed to understand and participate in the EBT Program. (More)

Study: Retail Ads for Tobacco Products & Sugary Beverages in Philadelphia

National Associations Applaud Courtís Decision to Reject Swipe Fee Rules
U.S. District Judge Leon rules that the Fed did not have the authority to institute a 21-cent cap on debit-card transactions. Read more

Is a Ban on Plastic Bags Responsible for an Increase in Shoplifting?
Dain Fitzgerald, staff writer for Politix, says there is evidence from across the country. Learn more

Corbett's asset test finds little abuse in $2.6 billion food stamp program
Reinstituted test examines applicants' personal wealth and income to determine eligibility... (More)

Food Safety Information

Do You Need Recall Information?
Get updates on the latest recalls... (More)

Which Agency To Contact During A Food Tampering Incident
In 2008 there were a number of food tampering incidents that took place in Pennsylvania. In each case there was confusion as to which agency to contact to report an incident... (More)


PFMA/PCSC Announce Energy Provider Endorsement
We have selected an energy provider to help save you money on electricity as the rate caps expire. (More)

WIC Program Information

Quarterly WIC Maximum Allowable Prices
Prices effective April 1 - June 30, 2014. (More)

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